What is Peak Shaving? How Homeowners can Reduce Electricity Bills.

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What is Peak Shaving?

High energy bill? Many utility companies charge higher rates when there’s more demand during peak hours. These times typically range from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm—exactly when energy-intensive appliances are being used the most. Peak shaving, leveling out peak electricity use, is a proven strategy to reduce such charges.


The Problem: Peak Pricing Hikes Energy Costs

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), demand charges can account for 30% to 70% of a customer’s utility bill.

Just ask Texans what happened in the winter of 2021. Extreme peak pricing during winter months raised customers’ bills with variable-rate plans from $0.03-$0.08 per kilowatt-hour to a whopping $9/kWh.


How to Reduce Bills with Peak Shaving

Several peak shaving methods will get the job done, but not without major drawbacks. The most reliable way to peak shave is to utilize hybrid supercapacitors as your in-home energy storage solution. These systems are clean, quiet, safe and require no active management to operate. It simply works in the background while saving money.

According to the NREAL and Clean Energy Group, solar + storage make economic sense for millions of customers globally.  Energy storage systems charge during off-peak hours then discharge to avoid paying peak prices during the most expensive times of the day. An emerging leader in the solar energy storage space comes from PowerForma.


PowerForma Energy Storage Solution

PowerForma is the fastest charging, most reliable, safest, greenest power storage solution on the market. Graphene is one of the greatest advancements in material science this century. Use of this super material opens a whole new world of possibilities, especially in energy storage applications for graphene batteries.

One of many PowerForma use case examples comes from Hilo, Hawaii. Before the use of PowerForma’s technology, annual peak charges were $700. After supercapacitors were installed to eliminate peak charges, the homeowner saw $0 peak charges.


Residential peak shaving drastically reduces utility bills.

How is PowerForma Different?

  • high cycle life (20,000 cycles or 25 years)
  • easy to install
  • low maintenance
  • no thermal runaway or risk of fire
  • widest operating temperature
  • DC-to-DC efficiency 98%
  • graphene supercapacitor prismatic pouch technology


Alexander Sherer, CEO states, “PowerForma helps homeowners, businesses, and communities retake control of their power consumption and costs. Our hybrid graphene supercapacitor energy storage technology outperforms traditional chemical batteries 4:1 in almost every measurable metric.  And the best part? When it nears its 30-year life expectancy, the unit isn’t an environmental hazard. It uses a fraction of the lithium as its competitors. Selling the best product in your market is fun, selling the best product that helps people save money is even more fun.”


Interested in partnering with a new leader in the solar energy storage industry? Contact us to see how PowerForma can save you money on utility costs.

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