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PowerForma’s partner network accelerates the sustainable energy movement. As a partner, you’ll work with us to learn how to install PowerForma products globally.

Unlock the Future of Clean Energy Storage

At PowerForma, we believe in pioneering the future of clean energy storage.

We’ve harnessed the power of graphene to create a revolutionary energy storage solution that charges in minutes, provides unparalleled safety, and is environmentally friendly. Our mission is to expand our reach and collaborate with like-minded partners who share our vision.

Why Partner with PowerForma?

Innovative Technology

Our graphene supercapacitors charge in minutes, offering a remarkable 10x faster charging rate compared to regular lithium batteries.

Versatile Solutions

PowerForma’s stackable and easy-to-install power storage is perfect for commercial buildings, off-grid properties, and even shaded homes.

Solar Advancements

If you’re a solar installer, partnering with PowerForma gives you a competitive edge. Our high-efficiency batteries reduce the number of required solar panels, making solar installations more accessible.