PowerForma supercapacitors are the “lightweight champions” of net metering.

If you generate more energy than you need, you can turn your excess power into income by selling it back to the grid.

Sell back to the grid

If you generate more energy than you need, turn your excess power into an income by selling energy back to the grid.

Net energy metering (NEM), or net metering for short, is a metering and billing arrangement designed to compensate distributed energy generation (DG) system owners for any generation that is exported to the utility grid (learn more from NREL).

Why do PowerForma supercapacitors work so well for net metering?

Faster, Safer Charging

Rapid charging & discharging

PowerForma supercapacitors can charge and discharge up to 10X faster than conventional chemical batteries. Therefore, these energy storage systems can react instantly to fluctuations in grid energy demand.

We’ve got you covered

Safer alternative

Frequent charging and discharging cycles can cause conventional chemical batteries to overheat, expand and contract. In extreme cases, these problems can lead to fires and even explosions. Graphene supercapacitors do not generate excessive heat, nor do they expand and contract during daily operations.

Batteries that last a lifetime

Military Grade Durability

They can last up to 20X longer than modern lithium batteries. Our supercapacitors come with a limited warranty of up to 15 years or 30,000 cycles; whichever comes first. This will save you a lot of money over the long term.

Safer Power Storage

They pack a punch

Graphene supercapacitors are the closest you’ll get to “lightning in a bottle”. These energy storage modules store a large amount of energy in a small volume.

Safely Stackable

Modular and expandable

PowerForma supercapacitors can be stacked to up to 50 units, achieving a maximum power output of a whopping 250kW.

No power wastage

Exceptional Efficiency

An exceptionally high round trip efficiency of 97% means that very little energy is wasted.