Creating a power storage solution that charges in minutes, would never explode, catch fire, or impact the environment negatively was no easy task – but it needed to be done.

Graphene is one of the greatest advancements in material science this century. This super material opens a whole new world of possibilities, especially in energy storage applications for graphene batteries.

Charge in minutes, not hours

Charges 100 Amps every 30 minutes. This is 10x faster than regular Lithium batteries.

Stackable and easy to install

Ease of installation and stackable power storage make PowerForma the ideal solution for commercial buildings and off-grid properties.

Perfect for shaded homes

With PowerForma, previously denied homeowners now have a safe and reliable power storage solution.

Are you a solar installer?

PowerForma gives solar installers a competitive advantage. Using a battery with higher efficiency will not only reduce the number of solar panels needed in every installation but also make shaded properties across the USA solar ready.

PowerForma is an ideal solar battery or home backup battery alternative.

Charge in minutes

100 Amp input for 30 minutes = 7.46 KWH output.

Graphene coated

130 gigapascals of strength coating the interior of the supercapacitor.

True eco-solution

Biodegradable, chemical-free internal system.

Small, yet mighty

A heat and chemical-free solution that can fit on a shelf.

The future of clean energy storage in the face of climate change & grid deterioration.

Reliably storing power during uncertain weather conditions and a deteriorating grid has become increasingly challenging. The PowerForma graphene supercapacitor was created to provide a safe and environmentally conscious solution.

Commercial Energy Use

Designed for all climates and conditions, PowerForma is creating a bigger market. High-storage capacity stackable supercapacitors are ideal for commercial use.

PowerForma Amplifies Solar

PowerForma partners with USA solar companies to provide complete solar solutions.

Net Metering made better

Net metering is a huge selling point for solar. PowerForma enhances net metering with better safety, better charging speed, and better quantity, quality, and efficiency.

Smaller is better.

Due to its smaller size, lower weight, and vertical stack formation, PowerForma is configurable to all spatial needs.

Dimensions (w x h x d)
20" x 6.6" x 23.4"
Weight (Super Cap Module 5.4)
51 Kg
1 Person
Max 50
Dimensions (w x h x d)
62.8" x 29.7" x 6.3"
Weight (Super Cap Module 5.4)
155 Kg
3 People
Max 9

Graphene supercapacitors vs. lithium batteries.

Unlike regular batteries that store energy in a chemical form and release electricity through a chemical reaction, graphene supercapacitors store energy in a physical, electrostatic form.

Therefore, these capacitors can charge and discharge much faster, without causing excessive heat, contraction, expansion, and deterioration which are common problems associated with chemical batteries.