How PowerForma Maintains Maximum Battery Safety

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Chain-reaction fires that keep burning, unstoppable wildfires, and toxic chemical leaks—threatening our well-being and neighborhoods. Sounds surreal, but unfortunately these events are real and increasing in frequency as more lithium-based batteries are being used for communication devices, electric vehicles, and other applications, bringing battery safety to light.

Recently, New York passed legislation to deal with the threat, describing fires caused by lithium-ion batteries as “difficult to contain and extinguish.” Since 2021, eleven people in New York City alone have died in lithium-ion related fires.


PowerForma Batteries are the Safest on the Market

Unlike regular batteries that store energy in a chemical form and release electricity through a chemical reaction, graphene supercapacitors store energy in a physical, electrostatic form. This means PowerForma capacitors can charge and discharge much faster, without causing excessive heat.


What makes PowerForma Safer?

PowerForma’s Hybrid Supercapacitors provide battery safety inherently, and our energy storage technology outperforms traditional chemical batteries 4:1 in almost every measurable metric.

  • Chemical stability as materials and processes differ from lithium-ion batteries
  • No flammable electrolytes
  • Inherent safety features due to electrostatic storage mechanisms
  • Long cycle life reduces likelihood of failures
  • Rapid charge and discharge minimize time in active charging state, reducing risks
  • Thermal management generates less heat during operation
  • No dendrite formation
  • Inherent overvoltage protection tolerance
  • Lower energy density contributes to lower risk in case of failure


Lithium Batteries vs. Supercapacitor Batteries

Li-Ion batteries use lithium metal oxide, causing thermal runaway, leading to high temperatures that pose fire or explosion risk. Common supercapacitors self-discharge, meaning the stored energy will bleed if it hasn’t discharged for a short time. PowerForma’s cutting edge hybrid supercapacitors are designed to offer the best features of all battery types for increased performance and safety.


How PowerForma Hybrid Supercapacitors Provide Maximum Safety

PowerForma offers a safer alternative. Frequent charging and discharging can cause conventional batteries to overheat or explode. Graphene supercapacitors don’t have any thermal runaway or risk of fire, making them a safer option. Hybrid supercapacitors are energy sources that merge the chemistry of a battery with the physics of a supercapacitor in one structure. As a result, our devices overcome shortcomings of batteries and supercaps while providing the benefits of operating temperature range, safety, and more.

As an added benefit, no metal oxides are used and therefore these hybrid supercapacitors do not pose any risk of fire or thermal runaway. When a short-circuit occurs, the difference in materials disables the thermal runaway effect. It will not occur and the reaction will quietly finish with the opening of the safety valves. Therefore, PowerForma’s hybrid supercapacitors eliminate the possibility of fires or explosions due to thermal runaway, even in the event of a short circuit. Even if the temperature of the cell increases after short-circuiting, the temperature gradually decreases and doesn’t result in a serious problem.


PowerForma Hybrid Supercapacitor Safety Testing

PowerForma cells have undergone overcharge testing, overvoltage testing, short-circuit tests with no safety issues. Even in extreme testing conditions, short-circuit doesn’t result in thermal runaway as it does in a Li-ion battery.


What makes PowerForma Different?

  • high cycle life (20,000 cycles or 25 years)

  • easy to install

  • low maintenance

  • no thermal runaway

  • widest operating temperature

  • high energy DC-to-DC efficiency 98%

  • graphene supercapacitor prismatic pouch


Keep your Home or Business Safe with PowerForma

PowerForma’s safety features make them a secure choice for many energy storage applications. As we continue to explore innovative solutions for a sustainable energy future, its crucial to consider the battery safety benefits offered by hybrid supercapacitors.

Interested in partnering with a new leader in the solar energy storage industry? Contact us to see how PowerForma can save homeowners and businesses money while not compromising safety or peace-of-mind.


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