Empowering Energy Independence: Net Metering with Solar Battery Storage

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What is Net Metering?

Net Metering allows homeowners or businesses with solar panels to connect to the electrical grid and send excess electricity they generate back to the grid. When their solar panels produce more electricity than they are using at any given moment, the surplus is fed into the grid, and the electricity meter “spins” in reverse, effectively crediting the owner’s account.

During times when their solar panels are not generating enough electricity, they draw power from the grid as usual. At the end of a billing period, the net difference between the electricity supplied to the grid and the electricity drawn from it determines the owner’s bill.


Solar Energy Trifecta: Solar + Storage + Net Metering

Energy storage net energy metering (NEM paired storage) allows a customer with a solar + storage system to discharge their battery, sending stored energy back to the grid to receive a net energy metering credit. NEM paired storage can often further increase savings from an energy storage system.

Several states are now opening inquiries focused on the eligibility of energy storage systems to be paired with net metering. Integrating solar-plus-storage with net metering would allow customers to import and export electricity from the grid as well as store energy on-site using a battery, such as PowerForma.


Benefits of Net Metering

Cost Savings:

An obvious benefit of Net Metering is cost savings. By generating excess electricity through renewable energy systems, homeowners and businesses can offset consumption during times when systems aren’t producing electricity. This effectively reduces or eliminates the need to purchase electricity from the grid, leading to lower energy bills over time or even the complete elimination of them altogether.

Encourages use of Renewable Energy Technology:

Net Metering also serves as a powerful incentive for investments in renewable energy technologies. The ability to earn credits for excess electricity production makes the upfront costs of installation more attractive.

Energy Security:

Net Metering benefits the electricity grid by allowing distributed energy resources, such as rooftop solar arrays, to contribute to the energy supply. This decentralized approach enhances energy security, reduces transmission losses, and contributes to a more reliable and resilient energy infrastructure.

Enables Storage System to Dispatch Full Capacity:

Energy storage net metering enables a battery to utilize its full capacity and maximize value capture to help balance the grid.


PowerForma Supercapacitors are Ideal for NEM Pairing

PowerForma Supercapacitors are the “lightweight champions” of net metering. Why do they work so well for Net Metering?

Rapid Charging and Discharging:

PowerForma supercapacitors can charge and discharge up to 10x faster than conventional chemical batteries. So, they can react instantly to energy fluctuations.

Safer Alternative:

Frequent charging and discharging can cause conventional batteries to overheat or explode. Graphene supercapacitors don’t have any thermal runaway or risk of fire, making them a safer option.

Military Grade Durability:

Lifespan of PowerForma batteries can be 20x longer than modern lithium. Our supercapacitors come with an unconditional warranty of up to 10 years.

Modular and Expandable:

Our units can be stacked up to 10 units in a rack, or strung together to fit 5MWh or storage in a 40’ shipping container.

Exceptional Efficiency:

Round trip efficiency of 98% means very little energy is wasted.


The Future of Energy Independence

According to the NREAL and Clean Energy Group, solar + storage makes economic sense for millions of customers globally. Pairing it with net metering makes this cost saving energy hack an even greater incentive for installers, homeowners, and businesses.


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