Emergency Power Storage with Solar

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Power outages are a major inconvenience and even life-threatening, in some cases.

Without backup power, homes go dark, appliances won’t function, and businesses come to a standstill. Power outages underscore the need for resilient infrastructure, community preparedness, and backup power solutions like solar + battery systems. The right home battery backup systems can minimize disruption to keep your home running with emergency power storage.

Backup power, following a catastrophic grid failure, provides an active reserve of power and energy that can be used to energize transmission and distribution lines, provide start-up power for generators, or provide a reference frequency.


The Challenge of Whole Home Emergency Power

Today, very few solar + storage systems can deliver on providing backup power to an entire home or property. Why can delivering power to all circuits in the home pose a challenge? The National Electric Code Article Section 702.4 states that a standby system is required to be sized for the entire transferred load. This means the backup system in your home must cover 100% of the circuits that transfer at their peak load, otherwise the system would fail at some point.

To keep costs down, installers down-select circuits to bare essentials, where essential loads are moved out of the main panel. In the event of an outage, the system transfers power to the essentials while the rest of the home goes dark. This is fine for some, but as rolling blackouts become more common and solar + storage goes mainstream, customers are looking for more capacity and power for their entire home. Load management technologies, like those of PowerForma, are evolving to meet this need.


Why Solar Energy Storage?

A solar panel installation means you can produce clean solar energy, but having a storage system means you are in control of this energy as well. Most homeowners decide on a home energy storage system for peace of mind, knowing your home is protected from outages and emergencies.

A home solar energy storage system is a key part of taking control of your home’s energy. It’s a great investment in energy independence and resilience. With solar energy storage you can:

  • Store energy produced during peak daylight hours and use it to power your home at night.
  • Control when you use power from the grid.
  • Take advantage of solar incentives.
  • Keep your home powered through natural disasters and blackouts.

PowerForma offers a safe and reliable way to keep the lights on when the power goes out.

What can PowerForma Back Up?

PowerForma works to bring a powerful all-in-one solution designed for whole home backup. With whole home backup, PowerForma’s system can support your home with power during an outage or emergency. This includes 120v loads such as lights, plugs, and small appliances as well as 240v heavy loads like air conditioners, cooking ranges, well pumps, EV charging, and electric dryers.

Modern battery Power Control Systems (Inverters) coupled with Supercap energy storage are capable of providing black-start, microgrid structure, and network reliability. These systems will improve grid resiliency and maintain service for customers who either cannot afford their own DER with UPS or are located such that solar isn’t a viable option. How much your PowerForma system can back up and for how long is dependent on multiple factors in your home’s energy usage. 


Energy Insecurity and Emergency Power Storage with Solar

In times of increasing energy insecurity, it’s no wonder customers are looking for ways to protect their homes and families during extended blackouts.

PowerForma offers off-grid power solutions to meet every need. From cost savings to whole home coverage, all solutions are customizable to meet your energy needs.

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad equipment. Finally, a home battery backup solution that keeps households running in the worst conditions. Ready to take the first step toward reliable home backup power? Contact us to learn more.

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