Cut Demand Charges by Peak Shaving with an Energy Storage System

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Commercial Utility Customers are Subject to Demand Charge Tariffs

For many in commercial buildings, utility customers pay for energy demand in addition to energy consumption. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), demand charges can account for 30% to 70% of a customer’s utility bill.


Eliminate Demand Charges with Peak Shaving

Commercial businesses can reduce or eliminate expensive demand charges by peak shaving. Peak Shaving is a strategy for cutting peak demand charges by lowering power consumption during a demand interval. There are several methods to peak shave, but the easiest and most efficient is by using a solar energy storage unit.

Commercial utility costs from demand charges can be reduced or eliminated by peak shaving with a solar + energy storage system.

Peak Shaving with Solar + Energy Storage

The NREAL and Clean Energy Group claims  solar + storage makes economic sense for millions of customers globally.  These energy storage systems charge during less expensive, off-peak hours then discharge to avoid paying peak pricing during the most expensive times of the day. This method of peak shaving allows users to save money without disrupting commercial operations.


PowerForma Energy Storage Solution

PowerForma is the fastest charging, most reliable, safest, greenest power storage solution on the market. Graphene is one of the greatest advancements in material science this century. Use of this super material opens a whole new world of possibilities, especially in energy storage applications for graphene batteries.


One of many use case examples comes from Nutra-Pak in Grand Rapids Michigan. Annual demand charges amounted to over $42,000 annually. After installation of PowerForma’s unit, this cost was reduced to an astonishing $26,230 annually.

Peak shaving with solar energy storage doesn’t just save money; it improves power reliability.

How is PowerForma Different?

  • high cycle life (20,000 cycles or 25 years)
  • easy to install
  • low maintenance
  • no thermal runaway
  • widest operating temperature
  • high energy DC-to-DC efficiency 98%
  • graphene supercapacitor prismatic pouch


Alexander Sherer, CEO states, “PowerForma helps homeowners, businesses, and communities retake control of their power consumption and costs. Our hybrid graphene supercapacitor energy storage technology outperforms traditional chemical batteries 4:1 in almost every measurable metric.  And the best part? When it nears its 30-year life expectancy, the unit isn’t an environmental hazard. It uses a fraction of the lithium as its competitors. Selling the best product in your market is fun, selling the best product that helps people save money is even more fun.”


Interested in partnering with a new leader in the solar energy storage industry? Contact us to see how PowerForma can transform your business.

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